Memories of Sue Rock and Life on Cedar Creek

Gary Kempf has written extensively on the communities, farms, businesses, homes, and people that once occupied the land that is now Fort Knox.  He has interviewed people with firsthand recollections of Stithton, Grahamton and others; but until now, he has not interviewed someone with direct knowledge of the Cedar Creek Community.   ATHS member Sharon Williams introduced Gary to her then 87-year-old aunt, Sue Viers Rock, who has a remarkable memory and was born in the Cedar Creek community area.  This book is the result of an initial interview in January 2019 with numerous follow-up meetings to clarify and/or expand upon recollections found in the interview.  In Sue’s own words, “the purpose of these writings is to tell about the Cedar Creek community.  It is not intended to be about me, but the people and places that made it a part of our history.”

The book includes photographs, an ancestral chart for Sue Viers Rock and selective 1850-1940 US Federal Census information for families mentioned therein. 

The book is indexed and contains 81 pages with a Mylar cover and coil spiral binding.  Copyright 2020.  Current price is $13 plus tax and shipping, as applicable.

Following is an excerpt from the section entitled Cedar Creek Community.

I was born October 1, 1931 in the Cedar Creek community of Hardin County. I lived there until March 23, 1942. I was delivered by Dr. C. F. Long. Sally Wright, wife of Monroe Wright, was a black midwife who delivered all my other brothers and sisters.

People in that area regarded it as a community. We had a church and a school. The Cedar Creek community was located in the valleys beginning from south of the Cornelius Daugherty farm, owned by Mrs. L.B. Hoke (Nellie)  when the government took the land. The farm was rented to the Wilkerson family from Mrs. Hoke. The community was all the way north to the Howlett’s house which was near the Rolling Fork River where Cedar Creek ran into it and about 50 feet from the Wooldridge Ferry Bridge which crossed into Bullitt County. Many other families lived in the community including Viers, Sherrard, Froman, McCullum and Burnett.  

In the community there were many people that were more well off than we were. They were Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sherrard, Mr. and Mrs. Horace McCullum, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Froman, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Burnett, Mr. and Mrs. Elza Masden. These were the people I knew. There may have been others. There were many poor people, some with large families, some were poorer than others.

There were people that lived on the west and east of Cedar Creek, but not in the valleys. They were not considered part of the Cedar Creek community although some of them came to the Cedar Creek Church.

West of Cedar Creek, including Mill Creek and Dorretts Run, were some well off people.  To the east of where we lived was the Carlisle School in what was called the Colesburg area.